4. VP9. 1664 Standish of Standish b (contd)

CSOS, Vol. 88, 1873, p. 292

1664 Standish of Standish b


Several points are worth noting here: 1) Edward Standish himself, aged 47 on 22 Sept 1664 (or his son & heir William), seems to have presented this VP (unlike the VPs of Standish of Duxbury and Standish of Burgh); 2) Edward seems to have been in Ormskirk in person on this day to see Sir William Dugdale and sign his VP; 3) his brother Alexander, “Colonel of horse for king Ch. I” is noted with pride to sympathetic Royalist Sir William Dugdale, along with sister Frances married to Sir Thomas Tyldesley, a slain Royalist hero, after whom today’s Sir Thomas Tyldesley’s Regiment of Foote is named; 4) the two sons “ob. inf.” at the bottom are the ominous harbingers of the end of the male line; 5) he did not provide any information that might have helped Alexander, son & heir of Myles Standish (died 1656), to identify his “great-grandfather, a second or younger brother from the house of Standish of Standish” or help him to recover his lands based on Ormskirk, which had been “surruptuously detained”. These points will be referred back to in appropriate files in the folder MYLES STANDISH. HM 2013

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