4. VP6. 1613 Standish of Burgh in Duxbury

CSOS, Vol. 82, 1871, p. 123


1613 Standish of Burgh in Duxbury

This is included mainly for the sake of comparison with the VP of 1664 of this same family, the latter being an almost exact copy of this, and stopping at the same place. Although of Burgh in Duxbury, this family was Standish of Standish, as testified at the top of the chart. The very fact that Laurence was a family name makes this family in Duxbury a candidate for producing Elizabeth, the wife of James[7A2/7C1], who produced a son Laurence[8C1] and a grandson Laurence[9C1]. Thurstan and/or Laurence at the top would have been of approximately the same generation as James[7A2], if one calculates c.25 years per generation. We know that Laurence, son of Thurstan who presented this VP, was born in 1603. 5 generations back x 25 would see Thurston at the top born c. 1478; x 30 per generation would see him born c. 1453. HM 2013

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