4. VP4. 1664/5 Standish of Duxbury Family A

CSOS, Vol. 88, 1873, p. 293


1664/5 Family A

HM’s PIN Nos

Christopher[4A1] (1375>-1421)

James[5A3] (1400-c.1483)

Sir Christopher[6A1] (c.1450-1495)

Thomas[7A1] (1480-1517/18)

James[8A1] (1501-1566/7)

Thomas[9A1] (1532-1577)

This VP in 1664/5 by Sir William Dugdale needs more than just one paragraph by way of explanation. A whole section has been devoted to this in 4.10. Dugdale’s Hunt Through VPs, followed up in the folder MYLES STANDISH, because it is one important piece of evidence in solving ‘The Myles Muddles and Mysteries Story’. The most important points, immediately discernible, are that 1) this is not a Visitation Pedigree at all, because 2) it was not brought down to the present time (1664) but stopped at Thomas[9A1], who had died in 1577. The major addition was his attribution of Christopher[4A1] at the top being “second son of . . . Standish of Standish”. Does this phrase sound a little familiar from Myles’s Will, where he claimed that his great-grandfather was “a second or younger brother from the house of Standish of Standish”? Dugdale was on his own detective hunt – and failed. HM 2013


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