4. VP5. 1613 Standish of Duxbury Family B

CSOS, Vol. 82, 1871, p. 71


1613 Family B

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Sir Hugh[4B1]














This is the only VP presented by this branch of the family. They obviously recognised their founding ancestor as Sir Hugh, but seem to have (con)fused “Dux” Hugh[3B1] and his son Sir Hugh[4B1]. A comparison with 3. FT3. Family B (which incorporates all on this VP, of course) shows that they must have omitted another Hugh and James in the middle of this line. For the purpose of establishing their descent from Standish of Duxbury to the satisfaction of Herald St. George, this was irrelevant.

It was presumably presented by “Richard of Duksbury”[10B3], the one whose sons were due to continue the main line. From the original MS it appears that his second family from an unknown wife was added later, just for the sake of completeness. However, one might presume with some confidence that his wife Elizabeth Le(i)gh(e) of Lyme was his first wife, whose sons would continue the line. This indeed happened, with son & heir Richard (bottom right), later Colonel Richard[11B1], who took over Duxbury (New) Hall in 1647. His brothers Raphe, Gilbert and Henry were all named in his 1657 Will; his three (half-)sisters Catherine, Margaret and Dorothy were all mentioned in the 1651 Will of Ann daughter of Thomas. One can only assume that she was either Colonel Richard’s maiden aunt Ann (on the VP above), or his cousin Ann, daughter of his Uncle Thomas[10B1], his father’s oldest brother. What is very clear from this VP is that in 1613 neither Thomas[10B1] nor Alexander[10B2] had a son who would have continued the line. The next generation was supplied plentifully by Richard[10B3].                                                                       HM 2013


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