4. VP2. 1567 Standish of Duxbury Family A

CSOS, Vol. 81, 1870, p. 90


Standish of Duxbury 1567 Family A


Textfeld: By 1567, with the next generation after the Visitation of 1533, it had been decided that it would be useful to record more details of each family. The pedigree charts produced have, of course, been of enormous interest for genealogists. It was still most important to record the male line down to the current incumbent and we can only be grateful that some earlier daughters were also included. It was not recorded in this year who had actually presented this VP, but we know from the Standish of Duxbury Muniments that it was Thomas[9A1], who had appeared as a young child on the 1533VP. His father James[8A1] had recently died, having written his Will in 1566 and died soon afterwards. His sister Anne (a baby on the 1533 VP) had survived and married, and after 1533 had come another brother Christopher[9A3] and another daughter Clemence, also married. What it does not reveal is that there had been another brother Richard[9A2] before Christopher[9A3], but he had died by 1565. Nor does it show that there had already been three more early sons before 1567: James (born & died 1561), Richard (born 1563, died 1565) and Thomas (maybe even two Thomases, born and died in 1565 & 1566). Shortly after this VP son Alexander[10A1] was born, baptised on 8 November 1567. His mother, Thomas’s wife Margaret, daughter of Sir Richard Hoghton was the (half-)sister of Alexander Hoghton, who was to write his Will in 1581 naming William Shakeshafte three times in connection with “instruments of musics” and “playclothes” – the young William Shakespeare? This link was the one to bring Alexander[10A1] into the story of ‘Shakespeare’s Lancashire Links’. For whatever reason, he did not present a VP at the 1613 Visitation, which was therefore largely a replica, presumably copied mainly from this VP. 
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Sir Christopher[6A1]




Alexander[10A1] born a few months later.

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