4. VP1. 1533 Standish of Duxbury Family A

CSOS, Vol. 98, 1876, p. 52

Standish of Duxbury Family A

1533 saw the very first Visitation in the reign of Henry VIII. The sole purpose was to establish a family’s right to bear the arms they claimed. Details recorded were minimal.

     This was presented by James[8A1], born in 1501, so 32 in 1533. What this does not say (but we know from the Standish of Duxbury Muniments) is that this Elizabeth, daughter of John Butler of Rawcliffe, was his second wife. His first wife Elizabeth née Haydock had died without producing any children, and this second marriage had taken place in 1526. However, the most important thing from the heraldic aspect was that he now had a son Thomas[9A1], who would continue the line. This is useful in providing the information that only Thomas and Anne had been born by 1533. The sentence at the bottom must have been added by a later herald, after the last Visitation in 1664/5, or by the editor for the Chetham Society in 1876.

     This is the only VP where the CREST is shown as well as described. This is very different from that of Standish of Standish, which was an owl and a rat.                            HM 2013



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