7.8. Chorley Manor 1726

Helen Moorwood 2013

Jim Heyes, A History of Chorley, Lancashire County Books, 1994, p. 17. This admirably illustrates the boundary between Chorley and Duxbury in 1726, which had probably been largely the same for a few centuries previously. It shows clearly the anomalous position of Burgh being ‘logically’ in Duxbury but ‘administratively’ in Chorley, at least by 1726. It also shows clearly that Red Bank, immediately behind The Pele, was already in Chorley. Several of the places and Halls named appear in the Standish of Duxbury Muniments. The very wiggly boundary in the south-west from Birkacre to Common Bank is the course of the River Yarrow just before it flows due west to meet the River Douglas. The meandering line from Yarrow Bridge to Burgh, north of Duxbury Mill, does not follow the Yarrow. It can be seen (more or less the same) as the northern boundary of Duxbury on 7.7. Duxbury Ancient and Modern.


Chorley Manor 1726



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