Helen Moorwood 2013

1.5. Interview via FAQs (2002)

N.B. This file might be transferred later to the folder LANCASTRIAN SHAKESPEARE. It is here for the moment under STANDISH OF DUXBURY because it was written in 2002 as a sequel to some of the other files presented immediately before this on theDUXBURY FamilyWebsite, for ‘Duxbury cousins’.

Many of the click references below in blue (prepared by Peter Duxbury) are to authors in my 3. Initial bibliography (for the ‘Duxbury to Shakespeare’ story), also still on the Duxbury Family Website. Some of the others were to sites that have since disappeared; those relevant and still in existence have been left here.

Although entitled ‘Interview via Frequently Asked Questions’, they are, of course, mainly the questions I asked myself very frequently at various times during my research. Several of them, however, have been genuinely asked by others. This was an attempt to put them in some sort of logical order.

For ease of reading (hopefully) and finding one’s way through this long ‘monograph’, it has been divided into separate sections of one or a few pages, each with its own title, rather than as a continuous text separated by wiggly lines.

I have made no effort to update the information in this file, as all is still valid. All updates will appear in their own files in appropriate folders.                                                              HM July 2013


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