2. DP397 Standish of Duxbury Muniments

2N. 7 ‘New’ Documents

2N1. ??16th century

Helen Moorwood 2013

This has been placed as 2N1 mainly because the date was illegible, and with Thomas Standish doing the demising, it could have been any one of several Thomases, the language indicating one of the 16th century ones:

Thomas[7A1], Lord of the Manor at the beginning of the century, until 1517/18);

Thomas[9A1], Lord of the Manor 1566-1577;

Thomas[9D1], surrogate Lord of the Manor from c.1577 until his stepson AS, Alexander[10A1] took over;

Thomas[11A1], Lord of the Manor 1622-1642.


Document 2


Lease for 60 years – Standish to Anescough


            [This Indenture made the … day of … in the … yeare] of the Reign [of … defender] of the faith etc,

            Between [Thomas Standish, on the one part,]

[And Jamys Anescough and] Alice his wife, on th’other [part,]

            Witnesseth [that the said … , in con]siderac[i]on of a certeyne some of money [paid, and for divers other] good considerac[i]ons hym specially moving,

            [Hath demised, granted and to farme let], and by these p[rese]ntes doth demyse, gr[ant and to] farme [let], unto the said … ,

            [All those] messuages, howses, buyldinges, orchardes, gardens, Landes, meadows … … foresaid … … aforesaid … … in the tenure and Occupacion of Richard Ugnall, … … and occupation of the said Richard and of the aforesaid Jamys Anescough or their … …

            [To have]and to hold the said messuages, howses, buyldinges, orchardes, gardens, Landes, … … pastures, … … and other the p[re]misses, w[i]th all and singler theire appurten[ances],

[To the said Jamys] Anescough and Alice his wife Imediatly from th’ensealinge of these p[rese]nts [until the end of] the terme of threscore yeres frome then nexte and Immediately following fully [to] be [com]plete[d] and ended, if the said Jamys Anescough and Alice his wife or eyther of them do so long live,

            Yelding and [pay]ing therefore yerely during the saide terme, if they or eyther of theym do so long life, the some of 8s of Lawfull English money unto the said Thom[a]s Standish, his heires and assignes, at the feastes of Penthicost and Seynt Martyn the bushop in wynter, or w[i]thin tenne dayes next and Immediately ensuing eyther of the said feastes, if it be Lawfully demaunded,

            And doing and yelding to the said Thom[a]s Standish, his heires and assignes, for the p[re]misses, suche bones [boons, customary labour obligations] and s[er]vices as have heretofore accustomably bene yelden and done for the same,

Andthe saides Jamys Anescough and Alice his wiffe, for them and either of them, dothe covenaunte and graunte to and w[i]th the said Thomas Standish, his heires and assignes, th[a]t they, the saides Jamys and Alice, shall at all tymes during the said terme, if they or eyther of theym, do so Long life, at theire owne p[ro]per costes and charges, well and sufficiently repayre, maynteyne, uphold and kepe all the howses and buildinges nowe standing and being uppon the p[re]miss[es] in good and sufficient reparac[i]ons and tenantable,

And the same so well and sufficiently repayred and uphelden at th’end and expiracion of this Lease to Leave the same,

            And the said Thomas Standish doth covenaunte and graunte by thiese p[rese]n[te]s, to and with the saides Jamys Anescough and Alice his wife that they, the saides Jamys and Alice shall and maye well and quietly have, hold, occupie and enyoie the said messuage and all other the p[re]misses, w[i]th th’appurtenaunces, according to the tenor, intente and trewe meaning of thiese p[rese]n[te]s,

Withoute Lette, Impediment, vexac[i]on, Sute [lawsuit], troble or contradicc[i]on of the said Thom[a]s Standish and of his heires,

And of all and ev[er]y other p[er]sone and p[er]sones in the name, Right and title of theym, or of any of them, or by the causing, p[ro]cureme[n]t, consent or meanes of them or of any of theym,

And also of all and ev[er]y other p[er]sone and p[er]sones having, or that shall have, any good estate, right, title, terme or interest in or to the said messuage and other the premiss[es], or any parte thereof.

            In wytnes whereof the p[ar]ties above said to thies p[rese]nt Indentures Interchaungeably [have set their] Seales the daye and yere above written.


                                                                                              Thomas Standysh


[Written on reverse:]


            Sealed and deliv[er]ed in the p[rese]ns of Thomas Ugnall and John Peresone and others.


            ... ... Tho: Standish for the ... of ... Standish


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