2. Standish of Duxbury Muniments

2N. 7 ‘New’ Documents

2N7. 1655/6 10 March

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On the face of it this is a straightforward ‘obligation’ between all concerned. Unfortunately, the interesting contents are not included here, but on two indentures signed on the same day. It must have involved a fair amount of goods or lands for it to be worth Edward Bimson and Robert Blackburne paying Richard Standish £60. We can be sure that Richard Standish Esquire here is Colonel Richard, Lord of the Manor. In this year he was at the height of his prestige, having been on the winning side in the recent Civil Wars and now MP for Lancashire. This was just before A4, Alexander[11A4] took him to Lancaster Assizes, claiming his entitlement to Duxbury Hall and  dependent estates.


Document 6


Bond – Bimson & Blackburne to Standish – 1655/6


            Know all men, by these presentes,

That wee, Edward Bimson of Shevington in the County of Lanc[aste]r, and Robert Blackburne of Shevington aforesaid, gent,

Are bound and firmly obliged to Richard Standishe of Duxburie in the said County, esq[ui]re,

In the su[m]me of three Score Poundes of lawfull money of England,

To be paid to the said Richard, or to his certaine attorney, exec[uto]rs, adm[inistrato]rs or assignes, or to some of them,

To which Payment, well and truly to bee made, Wee bynd us and eyther of us, for the whole and in the whole, our and eyther of our heires, exec[uto]rs, adm[inistrato]rs and assignes, and ev[er]y of them, firmly by these presentes, sealed w[i]th our seales.

            Dated the tenth day of March in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand Six hundred Fiftie and Fyve.


            The Condic[i]on of this obligac[i]on is such,

That yf the above bounden Edward Bimson and Robert Blackburne, and eyther of them, their and eyther of their heires, exec[utou]rs and assignes, and ev[er]y of them,

            Shall and doe, at all tymes hereafter, well and truely observe, performe, fulfill and keepe,

All and Singuler the grauntes, coven[aun]tes, condic[i]ons, conclusions and agreem[en]tes w[hi]ch on their and ev[er]y of their p[ar]tes are to be observed, Performed, fulfilled and kept,

Conteyned, specified and declared in one paire of Indentures, bearing date w[i]th these presentes,

Made Betweene the said Edward Bimson and Robert Blackburne, and Margaret Blackburne wyef of the said Robert Blackburne, of the one partie, and th’above named Richard Standishe of the other partie, according to the purporte, true intent and meaning of the said Indentures,

That then this obligac[i]on to bee voyd, or else to stand in it full strenghth.


                                                                                              Edward Bymson

                                                                                              Rob[er]t: Blackburne


[Note: The typewritten description on this sheet relates to document 1 - BFW]


            Sealed, signed and deliv[ere]d in the presence of

            Barth: Holme

            Robart Prescott

            Hen: Houghton



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