2. Standish of Duxbury Muniments

2N. 7 ‘New’ Documents

2N5. 1647 25 November

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This document has already been incorporated into the biography of Colonel Richard in 6.3. (8) CR Second Marriage.  


Document 3


Jointure of Elizabeth Standish, 1647



            This Indenture made the five and twentieth day of November in the three and twentieth yeare of the reign of our Soveraigne Lord Charles, by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, defender of the faith etc,

            Betweene Richard Standish of Duxbury in the County of Lancaster, Esq[uire], of th’on p[ar]tie,

And Antony Foxcroft of Halifaxe in the Countie of Yorke, gent, and Robert Coniers of Rawcar in the said Countie, gent, of th’other p[ar]tie,

            Witnesseth that the said Richard Standish, for and in considerac[i]on of a Marryage had and solempnized betweene him and Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters of Anne Legh of the Citie of York, wydowe,

And for the assuring of a Jointure to the said Elizabeth in full recompence and satisfacc[i]on of her dower and title of dower of, in and to all and every the lands and Tenements of the said Richard Standish, according to former agreementes before the said marriage,

            Hath given and granted, and by these p[re]sents doth give and grant, unto the said Antony Foxcroft and Robert Coniers,

            One annuitie, annuall or yearely rent charge of Two hundred and Fiftie pounds of lawfull money of England,

To be issuing and going out of all those his Mannors or Lordships of Duxbury, Heapy, Whitle in the woods, Heath Charnocke and Anlezarch:

And out of all his, the said Richard Standish, his messuages, lands, groundes, Tythes and other hereditaments, with their and every of their appurtenances, in Duxbury, Heapy, Whitle in the woods, Heath Charnocke, Anlezarch, Worthington, Standish, Langtree and Choreley, or Elswere in the said County of Lancaster,

To have and to hold the said Annuitie or yearelie rent of Two hundred and fifty pounds to the said Antony Foxcroft and Robert Coniers and their heires, ymmediatlie from and after the death of the said Richard Standish for and during the terme of the naturall life of the said Elizabeth,

To be paid at the Feasts of Penticost, comonly called Whitsontide, And St Martin the Bishoppe in Winter, comonlie called Martinmas, by equall porc[i]ons, Att or in the Church porch of Wiggin in the said Countie of Lancaster, The first payment thereof to beginne at whether [ie whichever] of the said Feasts shall first happen after the death of the said Richard Standish,

            And if it shall happen the said yearely rent to be behinde or unpaid, in p[ar]te or in all, by the space of Fortie dayes after any of the said dayes of payment;

That then and soe often, the said Richard Standish, his heires and assignes, shall forfeit and lose for every day after the said Fortie dayes, Fortie shillinges of lawfull money of England, nomine pene [in the name of a penalty], untill the said arrerages shalbe satisfied:

            And that it shall and may be lawfull to and for the said Antony Foxcroft and Rob[er]te Coniers, their heires and assignes, to enter into the p[re]misses, or any p[ar]te thereof, and to distreine swell for the arrerages of the said Rent, as alsoe for the summe of money to be forfeited (nomine pene) as aforesaid:

            And the distresse and distresses soe taken, to detaine and impound untill the said arrerages and sums soe to be forfeited (nomine pene) shalbe fully satisfied and paid,

            Provided alwayes and upon Condic[i]on:

            That if the said Richard Standish shall at any time hereafter during his naturall life, by and with the consent of the said Elizabeth, Assure, or cause to be assured unto her, pr to her use, Landes and Tenementes of a good and indefeizible estate, for the terme of her life, of the Cleere yearly value of Two hundred and fiftie poundes, above all charges and reprizes, for Jointure, and in satisfacc[i]on of her Dower;

            That then and from thence forth, the said yearely rent of Two hundred and fiftie poundes shall cease and determine.

            In witnes whereof the said p[ar]ties to these p[rese]nte Indentures, their handes and seales Interchangablie have sett, the day and yeare first above written.

Annoq[ue] d[omi]ni[and in the year of our Lord] 1647.


                                                                                              Ri. Standish


[Written on reverse:]


            Sealed and Delivered in the presence of us,

Gerard [?]Jackson

… [?]Rowe

            Willi: [?]Barroby

            Robert …

            Rich: [?]Ashworth


            Joynture deed 1647


Rich’d Standish


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