2. DP397 Standish of Duxbury Muniments

2N. 7 ‘New’ Documents

2N4. 1621 6 December

Helen Moorwood 2013

This presents a very interesting transaction between Thomas[11A1] the later MP (thus TMP), and his father AS, Alexander[10A1] in the year before AS’s death, when Thomas, living at Bradley Hall in Standish, had just inherited a large amount of money on the death of his father-in-law Thomas Wingfield. I made no attempt to build this into AS’s or TMP’s biographies, because too many other things were happening in Duxbury at that time, including Alexander playing host to widow Countess Alice in Anglezarke. It certainly provides a feeling that all was not well in relationships within the family, but any attempt at explanation would be pure speculation.


Document 1


Bond – Thomas Standish to Alexander Standish – 1621


            Nov[er]int univ[er]si p[er] p[rese]ntes me Thomam Standishe de Duxbery in Com[itatu] Lanc[astrie] generosu[m] teneri et firmiter obligari Alexandro Standishe de eadem in Com[itatu] p[re]dict[o] armiger[o] patri p[re]dict[i] Thome

In tribus mille libris bone et legalis monete Anglie solvend[is] eidem Alexandro Standishe executoribus et assignatis suis

            Ad quam quidem soluc[i]onem bene et fideliter faciend[am] obligo me heredes executores et administratores meos firmiter p[er] p[rese]ntes sigillo meo sigillat[os]

Dat[os] sexto die Decembris annis Reg[norum] d[omi]ni n[ost]ri Jacobi dei gr[ati]a Anglie Franc[ie] et Hiber[nie] fidei defensor[is] etc decimo nono et Scotie quinquagessimo quinto 1621


            [May all men know, by these presents, that I, Thomas Standish, of Duxbury, in the County of Lancaster, gentleman, am held and firmly bounden unto Alexander Standish of the same, in aforesaid County, esquire, the father of the aforesaid Thomas,

            In the sum of three thousand pounds of good and lawful money of England, to be paid to the same Alexander Standish, his executors or assigns.

To which payment, indeed, well and faithfully to be made, I do, by these presents, sealed with my seal, firmly bind myself, my heirs, executors and administrators.

            Dated the sixth day of December in the years of the reigns of our Lord James, by the grace of God, [King], defender of the faith etc, of England, France and Ireland the nineteenth, and of Scotland the fifty fifth.]


            The Condic[i]on of this obligac[i]on is such, that if the above bounden Thomas Standishe, his heires, executors, administrators and assignes,

            Shall not by any meanes or waies whatsoever goe about to Crosse or let [ie hinder] the performance of the last will and testament of the aforesaid Alexander Standishe,

Nethir [ie neither] shall interrupt, by himself or any other by his procurement, his executors in the execution of his said will,

And alsoe shall Joyne w[i]t[h] his executors in estatinge those landes and tenementes w[hi]c[h] hee hathe set out by his said will when his executors shall move him thirunto [ie thereunto],

That then this p[re]sent obligac[i]on shalbe voide and frustrat [ie frustrated] in lawe, or ells shall stande and bee in full force, power, strengthe and vertue.


                                                                       [signature of Thomas Standish - partly obscured? –

“torn off” according to typewritten description

with document 6.]

Thomas Sergeant

John Aynsworth

Oliver Martin


[Written on reverse:]


            Mr Tho: Standishe bonde of 3000 £ to his father.

            my coossen Standishe 3000 £


[Note: The typewritten description on this sheet relates to document 2 - BFW]


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