2. DP397 The Standish of Duxbury Muniments

Deeds Purchased (1965) by the Lancashire Record Office (now Lancashire Archives)

2B. Introduction to the Catalogue (2004)

Helen Moorwood  2013

The catalogue appears in a bound volume as DP397, preceded and followed by catalogues of many other collections purchased (DP = Deeds Purchased). The typed (not printed) title page is as below (sic down to the last full stop), but with my addition of numbers in columns at the right following each section: the third column is the number of documents in this section, followed by dates of the earliest and latest documents given here in the fourth column. A quick count reveals that there are nearly 300 documents in DP397 and the dates reveal that they go from c. 1220-1832. The latter date is significant as the most likely date when they disappeared from Lancashire and were therefore not available to all the Victorian scholars busy writing the history of Lancashire, nor available to Myles’s descendants when attempting to make their claim to Duxbury Hall in the 1840s. 

[Add. 2010.The last date in papers referring to Duxbury is 1782, which implies an even earlier disappearance from Lancashire. The later documents are in ‘25. Johnstone papers & other letters1784-1832’.It is unknown how and when these were added to the Standish of Duxbury Muniments. Nor is it known who the last owner was before the purchase in 1965. Because my cut-off date of interest was c.1700, none of these later documents appear below.]

I have read (and have photocopies on my shelves of) about 100 of the original MSS, mainly between 1450 (shortly after the birth of Sir Christopher Standish of Duxbury) and 1662 (death of Colonel Richard Standish of Duxbury), briefly read and abstracted in the Lancashire Record Office, with copies ordered and subsequently pored over at home, while trying to sort out all the muddles surrounding the different Standish families in Duxbury during this period and the Lancashire background to Captain Myles Standish of Duxbury, Massachusetts and ‘Shakespeare in Lancashire’.

There are many other Standish of Duxbury documents in national collections (many at the Public Record Office in Kew, London, with many referenced by William Farrer, main author of the Victoria County History of Lancashire at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century); many other details are scattered throughout publications in Lancashire, most by the Chetham Society and the Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society. Many documents referring to the Duxburys and Standishes of Duxbury are in Wigan Archives (in Leigh Town Hall, with a full transcription of these published by Rev. T. C. Porteus, 1933) and more Standish of Duxbury documents have surfaced recently at book fairs.

This file is restricted completely to documents in the Catalogue DP397 at the Lancashire Record Office, as typed by an anonymous archivist some time after the purchase in London in 1965, with a few additional comments added by hand by an anonymous reader.




Purchased 28 July 1965 from the Portobello Bookshop, London.


(see DX/850-1201 for the later succession of the estate)

[added by hand] (see also DDSc 139/1 and DDRf/11)


Catalogue                                                                   No.      Dates


1.         Accounts & Receipts                                      14        1382-1782

2.         Adlington (inc. Duxbury & Clitheroe)                        2         1356-1505

3.         Anglezarke                                                     7         c.1220-1644

4.         Bonds                                                             30        1374-1711

            Bretherton, see 10                                                                                        

5.         Charity papers                                                2         1655, 1657

6.         Chorley                                                                      11        c.1220-1685

            Clitheroe, see 2.                                            

7.         Correspondence                                                         28        1728-1753

8.         Duxbury (inc. Adlington & Chorley)             46        c.1300-1742

9.         Culcheth Enclosure                                        10        c.1740-50

10.       Hapton (inc. Adlington & Chorley)                1         1525

11.       Heapey (inc. Anglezarke)                               17        1496-1704

12.       Heath Charnock (inc. Heapey)                                  6          1569-1756

13.       Legal                                                              28        1354-1737

14.       Manchester                                                     1         1555

15.       Miscellaneous                                                2         1526, 17th c.

16.       Official                                                                      7         c.1390-1650

17.       Other Counties                                                          6          1542-1770

18.       Preston                                                           1         1600

19.       Probate                                                                      5          bef. 1540-1704

20.       Scotforth                                                        1         1596

21.       Settlements, etc.                                             27        c. 1229-1759

22.       Standish (added by hand: see DDSc 139/1)   1         1493

23.       Wheelton                                                       1         1338

24.       Whittle-le-Woods                                          8         c.1290-1605

25.       Holcroft documents                                       4         1572-1657

25.       Johnstone papers & other letters                                29        1784-1832


see Lancashire & Cheshire Antiquarian Notes, editor Josiah Rose, 1879-1801, Vol. II, page 152, item 284.


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