6.2. Thomas the MP[11A1] (1593-1642)

Helen Moorwood 2013

6.2. (3) TMP Education

One might presume, from his later career, that young Thomas followed his father’s educational career by attending Rivington Grammar School, which he would have attended from age seven to fourteen, so from about 1600 to about 1607. Unfortunately no lists of pupils survive from these years, but given that his father and two younger brothers Ralph and Alexander attended the school (Kay, Rivington Grammar School) it seems rather certain that Thomas, too, would have attended. We must presume that all the Standish of Duxbury boys at this school lived in lodgings close to Rivington. Perhaps Thomas’s rigorous school curriculum occupied him sufficiently to compensate somewhat for losing his mother.

In August 1602 father Alexander was registered as an Outburgess at Preston Guild, along with his sons Thomas, Richard and Ralph. As Thomas was about nine, he was presumably/ perhaps present and enjoyed the processions and spectacles which were always a part of the traditions of this ancient guild festival. It is doubtful whether his younger brothers Richard (barely 2 years old) and Ralph (still a baby) were also present, but it was customary to register sons who would turn 21 before the next Guild in 1622.

From Rivington Grammar School Thomas proceeded to Queens’ College, Cambridge, his father’s College, registered there in 1607 (Venn, Alumni Cantagabrigensis, Vol. 4, p. 144); and then on to study law at Gray’s Inn, also following in his father’s footsteps. He is reported as having fulfilled a further role during this period:

He served as Prothonotary clerk of Common Bench for the Duchy of Lancaster from 1608 to 1635.

(Wikipedia, June 2013)

Never having come across this claim before (and with no reference given for the statement above), one must wonder (as HM does) whether this was indeed ‘our’ Thomas[11A1] Standish of Duxbury, or a different namesake from another Standish branch.

In any case, some or all of this provided a suitable education and training for his future role as an MP, but before this career took off, he married.


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