6.2. Thomas the MP[11A1] (1593-1642)

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6.2. (1) TMP Birth, Name & Ancestry

Thomas[11A1] Standish of Duxbury was born in 1593, the eldest son and heir of Alexander[10A1], whose biography is given in 6.1 in this folder. He was two generations later than the three confusing contemporary Thomases who were sorted out by the Standish of Duxbury Muniments: Thomas[9A1], [9D1] and [9B1]. Nevertheless he has still been confused on occasion with Thomas[9B1] from Family B,  a junior branch of Standish of Duxbury, but meanwhile living in Manchester. No baptismal record has survived, but his parents Alexander Standish of Duxbury and Alice Assheton (daughter of Ralph Assheton of Gt Lever near Bolton and Whalley Abbey and Joan Rad(t)cliffe of Winmarleigh*) married on 30 May 1592 at Bolton-le-Moors Parish Church and their first daughter Joan was baptised on 28 September 1594 at Whalley. As Alice bore ten children in twelve years, one might presume that the first child was born within the first year or eighteen months of marriage, i.e. between February and December 1593, to allow Joan’s birth the following September. We also know that Thomas married in c.1615 when, with a birth in 1593, he would have been 21/22, a normal age for a son and heir. For all these reasons, therefore, 1593 can be given fairly confidently as his date of birth, with a baptism somewhere whose record has not survived – perhaps in the private chapel at The Pele in Duxbury.

His name was that of his paternal grandfather Thomas[9A1] Standish of Duxbury (married to Margaret, a daughter of Sir Richard Hoghton of Hoghton Tower), whose name had come from his paternal grandfather Thomas[7A1] Standish of Duxbury (married to Katherine, youngest daughter of Sir Alexander Standish of Standish), whose name in turn had come from his maternal grandfather Sir Thomas Poole of Poole in the Wirral, Cheshire, the first to introduce this name into the immediate family in Duxbury after his daughter Alice Poole married Sir Christopher Standish of Duxbury in c.1478. Sir Thomas Poole had fought in armies under Baron Thomas Stanley, 1st Earl of Derby, alongside Sir Christopher[6A1] and Sir Alexander Standish of Standish at the end of the Wars of the Roses, the last-named certainly at Bosworth in 1485. (Stanley/ Derby appears at the end of Shakespeare’s Richard III placing the crown on Henry VII’s head after the Battle of Bosworth Field.) Young Thomas[11A1] must have grown up in full knowledge of this ancestry and heritage and with the general expectation that he would follow in their eminent footsteps.

On his mother’s side he inherited a similarly eminent set of Assheton ancestors and in 1594, a year after Thomas’s birth, grandfather Ralph Assheton was appointed High Sheriff of Lancashire. Indeed, a list of High Sheriffs during Thomas’s lifetime (1593-1642) (and one year beyond) reads almost like a list of in-laws of his own, his father’s and grandfather’s. And if not in-laws of the Standishes of Duxbury, then in-laws of the Stanleys, who were to feature several times in Thomas Standish’s life.

1593 Richard Assheton of Middleton; 1594 Ralph Assheton, of Great Lever; 1595 Thomas Talbot of Bashall; 1596 Richard Holland of Denton; 1597 Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton; 1598 Richard Assheton of Middleton; 1599 Sir Richard Hoghton of Hoghton; 1600 Robert Hesketh of Rufford;
1601 Cuthbert Halsall of Halsall;
1602 Sir Edmund Trafford of Trafford; 1603 John Ireland of Hale; 1604 Sir Nicholas Mosley of Manchester; 1605 Ralph Barton of Bolton-le-Moors; 1606 Edmund Fleetwood of Rossall; 1607 Sir Richard Assheton ofMiddleton; 1608 Robert Hesketh of Rufford; 1609 Sir Edmund Trafford of Trafford; 1610 Roger Nowell of Read Hall; 1611 John Fleming of Coniston Hall; 1612 Sir Cuthbert Halsall of Halsall; 1613 Robert Bindlosse of Borwick; 1614 Richard Shireburne of Stoneyhurst;
1615 Edward Stanley of Bickerstaffe;
1616 Rowland Mosley of Hough End, near Manchester; 1617 Sir Edmund Trafford of Tafford;
1618 Richard Shuttleworth of Gawthorpe; 1619 John Holt of Stubley;
1620 Leonard Ashawe of Ashawe; 1621 Edmund More of Bank Hall; 1622 Sir Gilbert Ireland of Hale; 1623 Sir George Booth of Ashton-under-Lyne; 1624 Sir Ralph Assheton of Whalley; 1625 Edward Holland, of Denton; 1626 Roger Kirkbye of Kirkby-lreleth; 1627 Sir Edward Stanley of Bickerstaffe; 1628 Edmund Assheton of Chadderton; 1629 Edward Rawsthorne of Edenfield; 1630 Thomas Hesketh of Rufford; 1631 Richard Bold of Bold Hall, near Warrington; 1632 Nicholas Towneley of Royle, near Burnley; 1633 Ralph Assheton of Middleton;
1634 Ralph Standish of Standish; 1635 Humphrey Chetham of Clayton; 1636 William Farington of Leyland;
1637 Richard Shuttleworth of Gawthorpe;
1638 Roger Kirkbye of Kirkby-lreleth in Furness; 1639 Sir Edward Stanley of Bickerstaffe;
1640 Robert Holt of Castleton; 1641 Peter Egerton of Shaw Hill, Flixton;
1642 Sir John Girlington of Thurland Castle;
1643 Sir Gilbert Hoghton of Hoghton.


*N.B. A survey of research by Craig Thornber, interested in all family history matters in East Lancashire, on his website, and querying Whitaker’s Whalley, indicates that Thomas’s grandmother Joan(na) was a Radcliffe/ Radclyffe through marriage rather than birth.

▪                    13.  Ralph Assheton of Great Leaver, Whalley and Malham, eldest son.  He married twice and Whitaker indicates that his first wife was Joanna Radclyffe. The second wife was Anne dau. of John Talbot of Gatehouse, who died without issue.

+ 1st wife, Joanna, widow of Edward Radclyffe of Todmorden and one of the co-heirs of Thomas Radclyffe of Wimberley [stet, Winmarleigh?].  This couple had two sons and daughters Jane, Alice, Elizabeth, Margaret and Anne


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