6.3. Colonel Richard [11B1] (c.1597-1662)

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6.3. (10) CR List of Events 1651-1662

All the Parliamentary details (given in the last section) in themselves would seem to account for most of his life between the end of the Civil War in 1651 and 1660, together with increasing his family back in Duxbury with one child nearly every year by his second wife Elizabeth. However, many other events during this period have left a record in the Standish of Duxbury Muniments. It is perhaps useful, before looking at these in detail, to read a chronological list of all these records, including some more details. And, for the sake of completeness, the last four major events in 1662 are also included. Those documents asterisked are dealt with in detail in the appropriate years in these final sections.



Source/ Reference

1651 Jan 21

Son Richard baptised.

Chorley Parish Register.

1651 Sep 3

Battle of Worcester; end of Civil Wars.


1652 April 8

1652 May 6

1653 Sep 8

1654 Oct 12

Daughter Dorothy baptised.

Son Peter baptised.

Daughter Ann baptised.

Son Alexander baptised.

Chorley Parish Register.





MP for Lancashire, First Protectorate Parliament.

See Wikipedia biography in (9).

1655 Mar 24

*Assize Court at Lancaster; settlement/ compensation for main Standish of Duxbury estates with Alexander[11A4].

DP397/21/17, Standish of Duxbury Muniments in Lancashire Archives.

1655 July 9

Elizabeth’s mother Anne wrote her Will.

Mentioned in CR’s 1657 Will.


MP for Lancashire, Second Protectorate Parliament.

See Wikipedia biography in (9).

1656 Jan 8

Son Raphe baptised.

Chorley Parish Register.

1656 Mar 7

Kinsman Captain Myles Standish wrote his Will and died on 3 October  “of the stranguary” in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

The relevance of this will be covered in the folder MYLES STANDISH.

1657 Spring

*Assize Court at Lancaster, settlement/ compensation for peripheral Standish of Duxbury estates with Gilbert[12A4].

National Archives, Kew

PL 17/160 Pal(atinate) of Lanc(aster) Feet of Fines, b(un)dl(e) 160, m(embrane) 155.

1657 Apl 17

1657 May 8

Letters 1 & 2 CR to Richard Legh

Legh of Lyme Papers, John Rylands Library, Letters, Folder 22.

1657 Jun 24

Deed of feoffment

Referred to in CR’s 1657 Will.

1657 Aug 4

Son John baptised.

Chorley Parish Register.

1657 Sep 29

*Last Will & Testament

DP397/19/2, copies also in John Rylands Library & Borthwick Institute, York.


Named as a local Royalist.

See History of Parliament in (9).

1658 Nov 2

Son Hugh baptised.

Chorley Parish Register.


MP for Preston, Third Protectorate Parliament.

See Wikipedia biography in (9).

1660, March/April

MP for Preston, Convention Parliament.

See both biographies in (9).

1660 Mar 15

*Letter 3 from CR to Richard Legh

JRL, Letters, Folder 22.

1660 May 8

Restoration of Charles II; CR named as a friend by Lord Wharton.

See History of Parliament in (9).

1660 Jun 20

Election declared void

See both biographies in (9).

1660 Dec 4

Daughter “Francesca Margarata” baptised.

Chorley Parish Register.

1661 Feb 24

*Letter 4 from CR to Richard Legh.

JRL, Letters, Folder 22.

The following four sad events are included here to keep them all together in this list.

1662 Jan

Child buried before baptism, no name.

Chorley Parish Register.

1662 Mar 6

Wife Elizabeth buried.

See 6.3. (15) CR 1661/2 Codicil & Deaths

1662 Mar 10

*CR writes Codicil.


1662 Mar 14

Colonel Richard buried.



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