6.3. Colonel Richard [11B1] (c.1597-1662)

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12. Colonel Richard Standish of Duxbury (c. 1597-1662)

First marriage

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6.3. (5) CR First marriage

Richard married Ellen Lees of Middleton near Oldham on 12 December 1625 at Middleton, with seven children baptised at Manchester Collegiate Church (M/c) between 1627 and 1639. All seven died young and Ellen herself* died in 1649 (burial at Chorley on 6 April 1649).

[*This series of events needs to be overhauled. The Ellen Standish buried on 6 April 1649 turned out to be almost certainly Ellen, younger sister of Alexander[10A1]. Richard’s wife Ellen must have died by the latest in 1646 or early 1647, because later in this year he was definitely already married to Elizabeth Legh of Lyme. All details appear later, under 1647.]

Burials of some of the children might be recorded elsewhere; only burial records of Manchester and Chorley have been checked. The 1651 date comes from the Will of Richard’s ‘sister’ Ann, who mentioned everybody in the family, but none of those named below. The most important fact revealed by this list is that it already places Richard’s move from Manchester to Duxbury between 1645 and 1650, which is borne out by other facts related below.   








23 Feb



d. before 1651



18 Mar



1627, 12 April



28 Feb



d. before 1651



15 Jly



d. before 1651



12 Oct



1645, 24 Aug



22 Jan



1650, 24 Aug



10 Nov



1640, 16 Nov


If Richard was born c.1597, then he was in his late 20s when he married. What was he doing before this? No record has been found during these years, but his (much) later career as an MP suggests that he had a good education and there were certainly enough local grammar schools to have provided this. Where did he spend his childhood and early adulthood? We will probably never know, but the facts that he found a bride near Manchester, that they baptised all their children there, that he was definitely living there in early 1642 and that he buried daughters Esther, Anne and Mary there in 1627, 1640 and 1645 implies that he spent much of his early life in Manchester. The obvious school for his education would have been Manchester Grammar School. The absence of burial records at Manchester or Chorley of three of their children may or may not imply that the family lived elsewhere for certain periods.  

Within a year of Ellen’s death he married Elizabeth Legh of Adlington* (Cheshire), daughter of yet another Peter Legh, and had another large family, starting with another Richard[12B1], baptised 21 January 1651 (Chorley P.R.). This Legh family was a cadet branch of the one at Lyme, and both were among the leading gentry families just over the border from Lancashire. We will meet them all later.

[*Since writing this, more research on the Legh family has revealed that Elizabeth was in fact of the family at Lyme Park. Her place within the family is shown on Family Tree 3. FT6. Colonel Richard’s in-laws: LEGH of Lyme.] 

After the death of his grandfather Thomas[9B1], his father Richard[10B3], his two uncles, Thomas[10B1] and Alexander[10B2] (death and place of burial of all unknown, but the last died [at the latest] in 1648, with no son and heir, and therefore named Richard Jr as his heir), Richard Jr was thus the oldest male left in the family. He therefore inherited all the family estates based on Duxbury in 1648, moved from Manchester to Duxbury at the latest in this year and lived there permanently until his death in 1662.


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