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I have started with those articles which I think will be of most interest to those as fascinated as I am by mid-16th to mid-17th century Lancashire, during the lifetimes of Pilgrim Father Captain Myles Standish (1587-1656), William Shakespeare (1564-1616) and their contemporary William Stanley, 6th Earl of Derby (1561-1642) and his family, particularly his cousin Sir Edward Stanley Jr (1562-1632) of Tong, Winwick and Eynsham. Also, as a side-step, the Shakespeare Authorship Controversy, in which I come down firmly as a Stratfordian/Shakespearian.

From Lancashire History Quarterly 1999-2000

Pilgrim Father Captain Myles Standish of Duxbury, Lancashire and Massachusetts


LHQ Myles    Part One    His Ancestry and Lost Lands in Lancashire
LHQ Myles Part Two His Ancestry, Lands & Family Connections
LHQ Myles Part Three Three Myles’s Childhood
LHQ Myles Part Four Four Lancashire to Leyden
LHQ Myles Part Five Five The “Lost Years”
LHQ Myles Part Six Rose, his First Wife

From SYNESIS-Magazin 2011/2012

Synesis 1      Wer war Shakespeare? Wilfried Augustin (Einführung)
Die Shakespeare-Stanley-Epitaphe in Tong, Shropshire
(Helen Moorwood)
Synesis 2 Who was Shakespeare? Wilfried Augustin (Introduction)
Shakespeare’s Stanley Epitaphs in Tong, Shropshire (Helen Moorwood)
Synesis 3 Der Streit um Shakespeare, Wilfried Augustin (Einführung)
Der Film “Anonymus” von Roland Emmerich (Helen Moorwood)
Synesis 4  The Dispute about Shakespeare, Wilfried Augustin (Introduction)
The film Anonymous by Roland Emmerich (Helen Moorwood)


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